Stay Local or See the Country – Take Your Pick

Not everyone wants to live on the road. But then again, there are definitely people who enjoy the freedom of being out on your own and seeing the country end to end.

No Cost (or Low Cost) of Truck Driver Education

The benefits of a low cost of education for newly licensed truck drivers compared to high starting salaries can be significant.

High Starting Salaries for CDL Certified Truck Drivers

The starting and top-end salaries for CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) certified truck drivers can vary but sometimes reach into six figures depending on experience, responsibilities and the hiring company.

No School/College Debt!

Graduating with no college loans or education debt can offer numerous advantages and contribute to a more financially secure and stress-free future.

Extremely Short Certification Process (4 Weeks)

CDL truck driving certification often takes just a few weeks to complete – depending on the student’s work ethic and ability to adopt safe and best driving practices.

Unmatched Freedom and Work-Life Balance

Truck drivers often enjoy several benefits associated with the freedom of work timelines, flexible schedules, being outdoors, and experiencing different parts of the country.

Safety & Security Best Practices (esp. for Women)

The truck driving industry is actively working to improve safety and security practices to attract and retain women as truck drivers.

Comfortable Sleeping and Modern Living Arrangements

The truck driving industry has seen several improvements in living and sleeping arrangements, as well as safety measures over the past 1-2 decades.

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